CRONNA Fresh Sherbet Shower

  • Instant cooling and moisturization care for sunburnt scalp after exposure to UV rays.
  • Eliminate hair greasiness of bangs in the evening and flat hair. Achieve silky scalp and hair from roots with sebum absorption.
  • Maintain comfort and confidence even in close contact situations such as on the train or in the elevators with scalp odor suppression.

*Use it as many times as you want, anytime of the day


Sub-zero care for your scalp and body

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How To Use

  1. Shake the bottle horizontally before use, ensure nozzle is facing upwards.
  2. Apply on scalp and around the ears about 1cm away.
  3. Handpress

*For body use – apply at distance of around 15cm. Please spread with palm as it will expand in mist form.


  • Temperature of dispensed liquid
  • Formulated with DME, LPG – Cooling component

*Please do not use near open flame and do not use in one area for more than 1 second as potential frostbite might occur.