R&D System

Milbon Group’s R&D system introduction.

An introduction to the Milbon Group's research and development system.


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Features of our Research and Development

  1. Advanced research on original technologies
  2. Co-existence with society and the environment
  3. Development of a wide range of products in pursuit of beauty
  4. Foster and develop research personnel capable of adapting to a diverse society
Research and Development

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research development

1) TAC Product Development System

TAC, or Target Authority Customer, refers to stylists with outstanding techniques in beauty fields like hair coloring and care. Milbon’s TAC system analyzes their expertise, focusing on a “fusion of science and sensibility” in developing innovative products.

research development
Sustainable Raw Material

2) Basic Policy on Sustainable Raw Material

Basic Policy on Sustainable Raw Materials to ensure that our products can be used safely and with peace of mind, we have established a guideline for selecting raw materials with considerations for sustainability in addition to ensuring functionality, safety, and quality standards.

Sustainable Raw Material