Each Employee Leading the Way to a Sustainable Society

Basic Policy for Sustainability

Milbon is committed to realizing a sustainable society by creating a beauty industry that offers a richness of beauty and soul through hair stylists.

Following the management philosophy on which the company was founded, Milbon has developed a business focused on the beauty market. We believe that achieving sustainability in the beauty industry will lead to the realization of a sustainable society. Each and every employee, including members of our executive team, engage in these efforts by envisioning and taking action toward a sustainable society.



Sharing Our Partners' Sustainability Policies

Milbon cannot create a sustainable beauty industry alone. We organized a sustainability policy presentation for the distributors and salons we work with in February 2020. This is to share our initiatives and build the foundation for realizing an industry-wide relationship.

Sustainability Initiatives

Milbon joined RSPO in 2019 to promote sustainable palm oil use. Additionally, Milbon participates in the “Kids Helping Kids” to support children affected by war, poverty, and contamination. We launched products presented in special packaging that used these children’s art for a limited time.


Participation in the UN Global Compact

In May 2020, Milbon proudly became a member of the UN Global Compact (UNGC), a commendable voluntary initiative that promotes and encourages businesses across the globe to adopt sustainable practices and embrace social responsibility through their policies and actions.

Employment for People with Disabilities

Milbon actively supports the employment of people with disabilities to realize a society in which a diverse workforce can thrive. Since 2005, we have been working with Iga Koiku-kai, a social welfare corporation, to offer people with disabilities an offsite work program at our Yumegaoka Plant in Mie Prefecture.