Professional Quality

Tailored excellence for haircare professionals.

From form, to function, to fragrance – Milbon products are tailored to streamline the exceptional work of haircare professionals.


arrow-right-icon Our Philosophy

Striving to fulfill each and every wish of our customers

We embrace the rich diversity of perspectives on what makes beautiful hair. Milbon’s product lineup unleashes solutions to meet the myriad expectations of all customers.

arrow-right-icon Our Formulations

Elujuda Bleach Care is an oil-based series, offering silkiness and manageability for bleached hair.

Lightweight, bouncy hairstyles. Oil-bonded Glycerin, dual-layer coating formula. Tackles tangling, unmanageability, dryness. Reproduces ideal silhouette with movement. Controls frizz, loosens hydrogen bonds. Achieves silkiness, manageability.

arrow-right-icon Packaging Design

A marriage of beautiful design and ease of use, serving our customers across the globe.

Awakens salon care value through in-salon experiences. Premium Position Line (Luxury Line in USA): Black, gold tones for borderless aesthetics. Refined, minimalist item names, taglines. Glass containers embody brand’s aesthetics, breakage-resistant, practical.

arrow-right-icon Our Product Scent

Exciting all those around with pleasing, evocative scents.

 Scents designed for specific environments. Salon scenario-inspired fragrances harmonize with space, professionals, customers, and surroundings. Optimal scents created through repeated testing, delivering a pleasant experience for all.

arrow-right-icon Listening to Professionals

No product is developed without putting ourselves into the user’s shoes.

Haircare professionals are constantly on the cutting edge of beauty, and their voices and experience drive our product development. In order to gain a deeper understanding of trend shifts that these professionals are navigating on a daily basis, and in turn to reflect these in our products, our product planners and even our researchers visit salons across Japan.