CRONNA Ice Spa Shampoo Orange

Tackle excess sebum, odor and the heat with the icy menthol shampoo that even suppresses hair color from fading. Formulated with orange oil.

*Thick carbonated foam formulation that easily adheres to the scalp [approx. 8,100ppm]


Refreshes the scalp that tends to sweat seasonally with the cleansing effects of Orange Oil and Below-zero Foam.

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Product Types


How To Use

Short: 3 lines (approx. 8g) | Medium: 4 lines (approx. 10g) | Long: 6 lines (approx. 14g)

  1. Shake the bottle vertically before use.
  2. Apply on wet hair and scalp [from face line to nape by drawing a line without turning bottle upside down)
  3. Gently massage


  • Orange Oil – For increased cleansing power