CRONNA Cleaning SPA Shampoo SUMI

Shampoo infused with charcoal which cleanses oily scalp while suppressing color fading. Protects color from fading while cleanses the scalp.

Suitable for oily scalp.


To be used on the day after hair coloring to replace the current shampoo. The weakly acidic formulation of the carbonated foam will refresh your scalp.

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How To Use

Use continuously for 10 days after hair coloring.

  • Gently shake and place on a flat surface, then press appropriate amount onto palm.
  • Place foam on all areas and massage into scalp, then rinse thoroughly.

Short: size of 1 tomato | Medium: size of 1.5 tomatoes | Long: size of 2 tomatoes


  • Charcoal – Auxiliary Cleansing Agent
  • Carbon Dioxide – Injection Component