Made By Milbon

Exquisite haircare creations for ultimate beauty.

"What Milbon offers is reliable value, delivered to customers via the hands of haircare professionals."


Our Values

The excitement and inspiration we deliver is what sets us apart.

We strive to provide these values to customers via the hands of haircare professionals.

In our close partnerships with haircare professionals, we formed a chrysalis of mutual learning and inspiration; the beauty that has emerged from this chrysalis is the essence of Milbon quality.

At Milbon, we pursue a quality and production system that will build reliable value alongside our haircare professional worldwide.

Value Build Into Product

Physical Therapy

Milbon products are meticulously crafted to enhance and optimize the exceptional work of haircare professionals worldwide.

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Safety and Reliability

We strive to develop products offering safety and reliability, so that our customers can use these with peace of mind.

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Stable Supply

A global production system and supply network to ensure reliable product supply for haircare professionals and customers worldwide.

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New Technology

We are deeply engaged in basic research to pioneer new frontiers, and unknown worlds, including those of hair and scalp.

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R&D System

Allow us to present an overview of Milbon Group’s robust research and development system and state-of-the-art facilities.

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Production System

Introduction to Milbon Group’s production system and cutting-edge facilities, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

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