Milbon Jemile Fran Heatgloss Treatment (S, M, J)

Designed to give your hair a silky and shiny finish. Repairs damage to your hair from inside and keeps it radiant.


Contains a silk softener to protect the moisture in your hair and forms a strong water film which produces a calm and soft silhouette.

S [For Fine hair] - Low molecular Caprylyl Oil spreads quickly around the hair surface for a silky smooth texture
M [For medium~normal hair] - Wool Ester transforms dry hair to soft and silky hair without greasiness
J [For coarse hair] - PCA Natural Moisturizing Factor replenishes moisture to lifeless hair and keeps hair surface intact and supple.

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How To Use

Apply from middle to the ends of the hair and massage well. Rinse off afterwards.


  • CMADK (hair repairing ingredient)
    Has the power to maintain your hair’s condition by trapping plenty of moisture in the hair.