Milbon Jemile Fran Heatgloss Shampoo (S, M, J)

Designed to combat tangled hair and a quick blow dry is all it takes for soft and manageable hair all day


Contains a silk softener to protect the moisture in your hair and forms a strong water film which produces a calm and soft silhouette.

S [For Fine hair] - Provides the hair with a slippery texture.
M [For medium~normal hair] - Keeps the hair soft and smooth.
J [For coarse hair] - Moisturises hair with a shiny effect.

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How To Use

Lather shampoo in your palms and apply to hair and scalp. Gently massage then rinse well.


  • Micro hyaluronic acid (moisturising ingredients)
    Has the ability to store water, expands the hair and doubles the effectiveness of the proteins
  • CMADK (hair repairing ingredient)
    Has the power to maintain your hair’s condition by trapping plenty of moisture in the hair.