PLARMIA Hair Serum Shampoo

Combines Milbon’s innovative CMADK™ technology with emollient oils, reconstructing broken proteins while providing superior hydration to dull, stressed hair.

Available in 2 formulas: F Shampoo for fine to medium hair and M Shampoo for coarse hair.


Repair and rejuvenate.

Restore shine, smoothness, softness and reinforce the resilience of each strand.

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Product Types


How To Use

  1. Thoroughly wet both hair and scalp
  2. Emulsify shampoo between palms and gently work into hair and scalp


  • Black Soybean – Specially designed for daily use in hair and scalp. The main component of “Black Soybean” is rich of Isoflavone and Anthocyanin. Furthermore, “Persimmon tannin” help to enhance the effectiveness of cleansing power.
  • Jojoba Oil